HBC company was launched in 2003. In the initial period we concentrated on financial services which resulted in a significant emphasis placed on measurable effects of our works, whilst their actual reflection could be spotted in the financial results obtained by our Clients.


Since the beginning of company activities, our key goal was to deliver as effective as possible expertise, which translated into improvements achieved by a given organization. This caused a significant expansion of our areas of interest, which further incorporated process management, process improvement and, ultimately, Lean Manufacturing methodology.


Until the end of 2018 we managed to realize more than 60 different consulting and implementation projects the effects of which are confirmed by references presented in the tab ‘Our Clients’ and some examples have been described in case studies.


In the strive to expand our offer and the possibilities of actions, starting from 2016, HBC company entered BDO Group, changing in 2017 its name into BDO HBC Business Improvement.


Since 2016 our offer, apart from implementation projects and process audits, also includes complex training projects. We also provide services in the scope of an in-depth operational audit of organizations, which allows us to respond to the needs of each of our Clients. The scope of services offered by us enables not only the design and efficient implementation of a solution but also ensures their durability and growth in the future.