Audits and Implementation Project

Support for client development
Detailed analysis of the enterprise, or a selected area within it, to identify inefficiency and establish the scope of development.
Comprehensive use of Lean Management methodology and all services offered by BDO
Design and implementation of proposed solutions.
Interim management and project management.
Achievement of measurable effects as defined by operational indicators to give real financial results.
Complex projects that involve reorganisation of entire functional areas (production, internal logistics, supply chain management, maintenance, quality management, sales).
Effective training programmes to support implementation.
Process automation.
Real support, real effects.

Our clients achieve on average

  • 21% increase in productivity
  • 17% faster transition period 
  • 56% improvement in complaint rate 
  • 56% improvement in internal quality index 
  • 24% higher inventory turnover.

Operation model

  • Diagnosis – we define the most important problems and prepare a programme of changes.
  • Solution – we develop organisational solutions, using the full possibilities of automation and current IT solutions.
  • Implementation – we successfully implement the developed solutions in order to achieve lasting effects.
  • Effects – we set specific goals related to the client’s goals and take responsibility for achieving them.

Offer and contact

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