Risk Advisory Services

Comprehensive risk management system
Systemic approach to the organisation's risk management
Adaptated to the goals of the organisation
Continuous development of the organisation in terms of risk resistance
Transparent reporting to internal and external recipients
Current risk map
Implementation of projects to minimalise risk
Development and updating of the Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
Development and update of Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
Periodic audit and continuous development of the system

The BDO systemic risk management model includes

  • Risk governance, ie a risk management system adapted to the characteristics of the enterprise, risk-aversion testing, risk management maturity analysis.
  • Risk assessment – identification, analysis and assessment of risk level in the organisation.
  • Risk response – defining activities to counteract particular types of risk: avoidance, mitigation, transfer, acceptance. Preparation of contingency plans.
  • Risk reporting – monitoring and reporting in the risk area.
  • Continuous improvement – auditing and continuous improvement of the system

Using the above model, BDO provides services including:

  • System audit – assessing the maturity of the risk management system in the enterprise, analysing deviations and discrepancies, preparing system development recommendations. The audit may be performed periodically as an outsourcing of the Continuous Improvement area.
  • Implementation – Preparation and implementation of a risk management system adapted to the specifics of a given company, based on the BDO methodology. Includes preparation of action scenarios in the event of a risk and projects enabling the implementation of risk mitigating solutions.
  • Training – Training in the ERM area, in particular for the implementation and operation of the risk management system within the organisation. Option of tailor-made training courses conducted on the BDO e-learning platform.
  • Outsourcing of services related to the functioning of the risk management system, in particular with regard to periodic updating of the system, its continuous improvement, analysis, assessment and identification of risk. Also, preparation and implementation of risk minimisation measures, including projects enabling the implementation of risk mitigation solutions.

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